A lie,

In this world everything you have, you had, you’ve seen is a lie.

Those seconds, in those minutes of that hour is lie.

Every dream of that night and that night too was a lie.

Every word you’ve said,

Every answer of your question,

Was a lie.

They, what they’ve said and their existence too was a lie.

Every promise they’ve made,

Every touch of them you’ve kept was a lie.

In the end,

The life you got, the life you’ve lived,

Lives you’ve seen, was a lie.

A mere lie…

Education: by A.P.J Abdul Kalam

In his book “My India Ideas for the Future”

Sir A.P.J Abdul Kalam has said,

‘Education cannot be a business or system. Education at all levels has to be delivered in an integrated way by great teachers through a great syllabus, while promoting affinity between the parents, students and the teachers’

Lived like an outcast

They knew, sensible person, I’ve been raised as,

Seen every positive aspect, my life has.

But meanwhile, the person I was

Got a life, anyone hardly knows.

Pulled out from groups, got treated like trash

Soul of mine is all battered & bruised, result of their actions soo rash.

That child I was, got a life soo awkwardised,

A made-up of all those prejudiced

But maybe it was just my karma, to all those sins I had

Thus, I think they weren’t soo bad

After this realise, what they did can I justify?


They just trapped me in, a restricted my fly.

A dream

My ever beautiful dream starts,

With my feet on that ground, wet

And those, Sun and that moon

Lay living on that same sky.

Just like a magic at the horizon,

That sun, taking its life,

And that moon leaving its livings.

In my dream, I’m the part of those winds,

And that cemented wet ground

Which slowly turns into gloomy white clouds

Is its part,

Never got any glimpse more than this but never wished to have much.

Just some day my dream will come in real, I wish……